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About Tate & Tate, Inc.:

For over 40 years, Tate & Tate has demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of quality and ethics in court reporting and litigation support services. In today’s competitive legal marketplace, whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large national law firm, incorporating the right technology with an experience service provider is key to the success of your case. Tate & Tate can facilitate all aspects of your litigation from the very first piece of paper to a winning presentation in trial. We are the “go to” court reporting and litigation support company for major litigations around the country, and our clients rely on our experience, expertise and world-class service to mitigate time and unnecessary costs.     

Whether you need a court reporter, document technician, videographer, audio transcriber, or trial presenter, Tate & Tate has the perfect match to fit both your in-person or remote litigation.

About Catherine (Cathy) Kane:

Catherine Kane has earned the reputation as a seasoned leader in the legal space. Throughout the span of over three decades, she has garnered extensive hand-on expertise in the industry with a major emphasis to detail and superior customer service. Among her extensive skill sets, Cathy has successfully managed and collaborated on technical and multi-district cases, including pharmaceutical, intellectual property, transportation, securities, construction and environmental cases.

She has consulted, supported and case managed E-Discovery projects, large document projects, trials both in Federal and State court, and has worked extensively with clients on trial transcription projects. Cathy is President of Tate & Tate, Inc. She is an AOC Certified Transcriptionist/Manager for the State of New Jersey. She is also a Certified LiveNote Trainer and NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator. Cathy recently stepped down as President of the NJ Legal Industry Providers serving  for over 10 years. She is membership chair and CLE chair for the South Jersey Paralegal Association.