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Michael StanisciMichael Stanisci, Principal
7680 Universal Boulevard # 565, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
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For over 15 years, Michael has been heavily involved in mass torts and personal injury lead acquisition, dating back to the Vioxx era. He has an extensive background in leadership positions at reputable companies such as Martindale-Hubbell (LexisNexis), Martindale-Nolo (Internet Brands), and Intake Desk. Currently, he serves as the Principal and Co-Founder of Mass Traffic LLC.

As a speaker at mass tort summits such as Mass Tort Nexus, Mass Tort Puerto Rico, and Professionally Speaking; Michael has shared his insights and helped empower attorneys in their decision-making processes when allocating their resources on topics of various law firm marketing and new claimant acquisition strategies. His extensive knowledge and experience have aided both new and seasoned lawyers in navigating the mass tort landscape and identifying the most effective ways to grow their client base, using a mix of digital and traditional media.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael has many people who rely on him, including his law firm clients, claimants, wife, two teenage daughters, and three furry dog members of the family. He resides in Cranford, NJ, where he enjoys video games, reading various science fiction and fantasy novels, and playing the bass guitar (admittedly not that well) that he picked up during the lockdown. Michael is known for his terrible dad jokes and enjoys making new connections.



Mass Traffic brings together attorneys, doctors, data scientists, subject matter experts, and other professionals with uncommon knowledge and experience to create a uniquely tailored experience to meet your ever-changing needs. Our ethos is one rooted in our combined experiences and commitment to the industry professionals we serve.  

Who we are
Mass Traffic is owned and operated by practicing attorneys, licensed finance professionals, data and search experts, and actual creators of digital content and media. Unlike most providers, we have all personally shared in the struggle of expanding our footprint in the community and connecting with qualified clients who are actively seeking professional services. This mutual experience gives us real world insight into your needs and the importance you place on ethically identifying potential clients in a cost effective and compliant manner.

What we do
Mass Traffic helps connect people with law firms who can help them. Due to the regulatory obligations incumbent in your multi-jurisdictional fields of practice, Mass Traffic strives to be at the forefront of ethics and compliance while providing effective solutions. In doing so, Mass Traffic provides you with a true value proposition in services that combine cost effective results with the peace of mind that may only be realized through our diligent risk mitigation practices. It is important to team with Mass Traffic not only to obtain the highest quality service, but to also realize the true cost benefit of avoiding missteps or compliance oversights that may damage your professional reputation, negatively impact your practice, or result in unnecessary negative interactions or even litigation. We ardently believe the quality of your experience and the focused protection of your long-term outcomes is the only way to continually earn your business and ensure the impeccability of our collective reputations.